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If ever there was a place on planet Earth that is difficult to put words to I would say it is Antartica. I will try a brief attempt here.

Antarctica is the undeniably largest wilderness on the planet, a continent, uncontrolled by any nation, extreme weather attacks in a split second, patrolling penguins by the thousands, a palette of colors unseen anywhere else, silence unknown anywhere else.

The Antarctic Treaty from 1959, signed at first by 12 nations rules the place. The flag shown here is the flag of the treaty, there is no official flag as Antarctica is not a nation.

Unless on an expedition to reach the South Pole I would imagine, most visit just a fraction of the white continent. The photos on are from around South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula.

This is the area generally reached from Ushuaia, the worlds southernmost city, located in Argentina.(Puerto Williams in Chile on the Beagle channel is further south, but is a village with about 2800 people)


  Not quite as large as Antaractica, Argentina is immense - 8th largest nation in the world bordering 5 nations.

Buenos Aires filled with barrios to explore from Monserrat - CBD to colorful San Telmo to Palermo and Belgrano areas abounding in green parks and lakes. Tango milongas transport one to another time. Try Confiteria Ideal. Almost any Parilla I would say will serve a superb grilled steak unmatched in quality. The inevitable Evita, a woman well worth spending some time with, which can be done at Evita Museum. To best see Buenos Aires take a "free" walk for 3 hours or so.


situated at the bottom of Argentina, and the world! There is a special atmosphere here due to its isolated location in Tierra del Fuego Province.

A location as magnificent as any can be, on the Beagle Channel looking across to Chile, with the Martial mountains surrounding it was certainly a gorgeous site for the penal colony established in the 1880's at the start of the establishment of Ushuaia.


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